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Size Inquiries

Choosing a Size


Each product on our store comes with its own personalized size chart. This ensures that measurements are precise and provide optimal fit. The size charts are usually found as the fourth image (on mobile devices), or the last image on the product's description page.  

We've got you! Many of us typically rely on tag size to guide our buying decisions and without the ability to try it on - online shopping becomes a hit or miss. Therefore, to prevent this we recommend you choose your current size unless the alert in the product's description section says otherwise. Items usually ship from our various warehouses around the world and sizing may vary depending on their locations. So, the basic rule of thumb would be to:

Choose sizes that correlate to US/EU tag preferences; our system will automatically update accordingly. 


This varies. In most cases, we alert you in the product's description section of any minor discrepancies in sizes - usually off by 1-3 centimeters at most. But hey! it counts - especially when your toes doesn't have enough space to breathe. So, bottom line:

Most shoe measurements and sizes are calibrated to be true to fit.

However, if there's something you're interested in and it contains the 'Size Fit Alert' then follow the prompts to ensure you choose the correct size. Alerts usually contain an example of how to choose and offers a chart and instructions on accurately measuring you foot (if needed) to obtain a precise value.